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Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bt.
(8th Baronet)

Fig.1 Courtesy of Palatine Lodge No.97

Under a Dispensation given at Freemasons’ Hall, London on 8th day of December 1885, by Command of H R H, The Prince of Wales, K G etc. etc. M E Grand Z, it stated:-

“You having represented to the Most Excellent, The First Grand Principal of Royal Arch Masons of England that it would tend greatly to the advantage of your Chapter and promote the interests of the said Order to be permitted to Instal into the Chair of First Principal of your Chapter Companion Sir Hedworth Williamson, Baronet, who has not served in either of the Principal Chairs but is otherwise duly qualified and have prayed a Dispensation to authorize you to Instal the said Companion Sir Hedworth Williamson into the First Principal’s Chair etc etc.”

NB. The full original Dispensation is attached to the Minute Book in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham archives.


Summons convening the meeting when Companion Sir Hedworth Williamson, 8th Baronet, was installed as First Principal on 18th February 1886 in Park Terrace Masonic Temple

E Comp Benjamin Levy, PZ, PGH then installed Comp Sir Hedworth (Provincial Grand Master) consecutively into the Chairs of Third, Second and First Principal in the ceremony held in the Park Terrace Masonic Temple on 18th February 1886 starting at 4.00 pm. with 30 members and 30 guests in attendance.


Dinner was in the Banqueting Hall at 6.30 pm - Tickets 6 shillings each. 

At a later meeting E Comp Levy, PZ, PPrGH informed the Companions of the Chapter that he had had the honour of Installing Most E Comp Sir Hedworth Williamson, Baronet, Provincial Grand Master of Durham, the First Principal of this Chapter.

Provincial Grand Superintendent of Durham 1886.


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