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Fig.1 Our Centenary Jewel
Dated 1797

In the background is the Durham Provincial Royal Arch Chapter Tie designed by E Comp TFR Coulson, PZ, Lambton Chapter, No 375

Centenary Jewels are granted to Lodges and Chapters who have been in continuous existence for 100 years and those with continuous existence for 200 years are granted a Bi-Centenary Bar to be worn on the ribbon of the Centenary Jewel.

However, although this ancient Chapter was constituted in March 1797, and is therefore over 200 years old, there was a 13-year gap in its continuity of working between June 1839 and 6thSeptember 1852 and we can only claim continuity of working from the latter date.

The Centenary Warrant was granted in 1992 by Supreme Grand Chapter and given in 1997 being kept in Provincial Office for safe keeping until September 2002.

At our Centenary Celebration Meeting held on 19th September 2002 our Chapter was 205 years old and we were receiving our official Centenary Warrant dated from 6th September 1852
(for 100 years of continuous working) on our official 150th Birthday.

The reason for our 13-year break between June 1839 and 6th September 1852 is not known but the circumstances surrounding it are quite intriguing as you may see when reading the more detailed History of the Chapter.

Fig.2 Copy of original Warrant of Chapter of Strict Benevolence No 103

Whilst we have this copy of our initial Warrant, the original is preserved in the archives of Supreme Grand Chapter.

We have no record or knowledge of our Chapter being consecrated.

Fig.3 Extract of Text of Centenary Warrant

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